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Universal Musician Filtered Ear Plugs | Dr Mikes Hearing Express

Universal Musician Filtered Ear Plugs


  • $45.00

Westone's TRU Professional Universal-Fit Ear Plugs offers excellent hearing protection and comfortable long-term wear for on the job scenarios, as well as every day use where speech or music clarity is a must. Perfect for performing musicians, sound engineers, DJs, night club staff, and even dental professionals. The TRU product line offers a discrete device to reduce sound across the frequency spectrum but maintain sound quality. The TRU Professional can also be upgraded to custom earpieces for an additional fee. Two models WM16 and WM25, having different attenuation of sound. Utilizing advanced acoustic filter technology; TRU hearing protection has been critically tuned to reduce volume yet maintain sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. 1 pair.

Includes Carrying pouch, two sizes of flanged smoke ear tips and a pair of filters with smoke cover. Color: Smoke.