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Shooter hearing protection for $19.99

TRU Shooter™ Filtered Universal Hearing Protection


  • $19.99

Westone has a new hearing protection product TRU Shooter to help prevent hearing related injuries caused by gunfire and other loud noises. TRU Shooter protects users' ears from gun shots, artillery fire and explosions, while still permitting voice and background noises to be heard.
TRU Shooter earplugs are ideal for all shooting sports, hunting, combat training and any other activities that involve or create high impulse noises. With a switch conveniently located at the top of each filter, TRU Shooter protection gives users the ability to toggle between 5dB and 18dB of hearing protection. Switch open for hearing, closed for hearing protection. Protects users' ears from impulse noises. Sold in Pairs. Comfortable to wear and Easy to use.