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Digital Shooter Ear Plugs | Dr Mikes Hearing Express

Universal Westone Digital Shooter Plugs


  • $499.00

DefendEar Shooter Ear Plugs by Westone. Digitally designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions. The Shooter is allowed to hear clear communication, as well as enhanced ambient awareness. When a gunshot is fired, the electronic circuit instantly suppresses the loud noise, protecting your hearing!  A low cost option to custom electronic hearing protection. Great for shooters and hunters ! Includes 1 pair.

• NRR 30 dB
• Output up to 86 dB
• Three amplification levels
• Wind noise reduction
• Low profile
• Universal fit
• Comfortable
• Hear conversations as normal
• No gun mount interference

Includes: Right and left color-coded ear plugs, 5 variety sized high quality foam ear tips, Spare wax guards, cleaner, Size 10 batteries included and pouch storage case.


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