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Filtered Ear Plugs

Custom Filtered Ear Plugs


  • $149.00

This half-shell filtered earplug provides a moderate amount of hearing protection that is easy to insert/remove. The filtered design allows for face-to-face verbal communication in light to moderate noise situations. Attenuation, NRR 18-21 dB, average attenuation 30-32 dB depending on the material. Used for moderately loud noise environments in which you need to be able to hear clearly. Swyrl up to three mixed colors, Shiny or Matte finish. Laser engraved Initials, Available with Cords and Handles, Slick-Sil® (anti-microbial coating). 1 pair.

These products are custom designed for your ears and require an office or home visit. Please contact our office for an appointment.

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