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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Online Ordering

The hearBit™ is an Out-of-the-Box & Ready-to-Wear hearing amplifier. No hearing test needed. Complete your order online and it ships Free.

Dr. Mike's line of Micro Digital Hearing Aids offers some of the most popular styles for Online purchase and FREE Delivery to your home. These include Digital Slim tube BTEs and RIC (receiver in the canal) BTEs digital hearing aids. Even though we prefer to see you in person to fit your new hearing aid, we understand some of the reasons why consumers wish to purchase online. Custom made products, including custom made ITE hearing aids, earmolds and ear protection, require an earmold impression of your ear and a visit to our office is required.

If you are over 18 years old and Ordering a Dr. Mike's private collection of Over the Counter micro digital hearing aids, complete your hearing aid purchase Online. An Audiologist will contact you for the necessary paperwork. We will also discuss the technology options and models that best meet your needs. Hearing aids are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and require a hearing test and specific documentation to order. Once we receive a copy of your hearing test (within 6 months of purchase) and the necessary paperwork, we will program your new hearing aids to your prescription and ship them directly to you. When they arrive at your home, they are ready to make you hear better. If you have any service issues with your hearing aids once you get them, you may contact our office for repair and shipping information. We provide Free Clean & Checks and Free Reprogramming for the 1st year on all hearings purchased online.  Manufacturer warranty is either one or two years depending on device. Please refer to the device description for this information.

Free Shipping and Handling to U.S. residents on new hearing aid ordersUse Discount Code: FreeShip at checkout.

Due to state regulations on hearing aids, we are not permitted to ship hearing aids to the following states: CA, CT, FL, MD, MO, NV, OR, TX, WA. Other hearing devices that we offer may be purchased in these states. 

Don't have a Hearing Test?  TRY the hearBit™  It is a pre-programmed hearing enhancer for mild to moderate hearing losses. Or Try any of our Better Hearing Devices. We offer Free Personalized Hearing Tests and demonstrations by an Audiologist in our Local Hearing Express Demo Center.

Have Questions ? Contact our office at or 908-722-4022.