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Hearing Aid Service

Hearing aid service is critical to any hearing aid purchase. Service is provided for hearing aids purchased through our office or purchased elsewhere. We offer several different service plans when you purchase new hearing aids through our office. Our hearing aids are covered with a 1 - 3 year manufacturer warranty depending on the hearing aid technology. Please refer to the hearing aid description for this warranty information. All hearing aids requiring manufacturer repair will be charged $30 for shipping/handling to the manufacturer and reprogramming to current hearing aid settings.

How do you get you Hearing aid Repaired or Serviced?

Mail your hearing aid to: Dr. Mike's Hearing Express, 3322 Route 22, Suite 204, Branchburg, NJ 08827. Please insure and track your package with your shipping carrier. Provide your contact information and a description of the service needed.

Visit our Hearing Express Center during our normal business hours or call us at (908) 722-4022 for an appointment. 

Contact our office for any questions or concerns at (908) 722-4022 or

Once we receive your hearing aid, we will contact you with a cost estimate prior to the repair. Don't forget to provide us with your contact information.