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Phonak Hearing Aids | In-Store Discount


  • $1,400.00

PHONAK MARVEL™ Digital hearing aids include AutoSense OS 3.0,™ an Automatic system using Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Learn, Detect and Adapt, providing the Best Hearing Experience in any listening situation. Sound around us constantly changes and makes listening a real challenge. AutoSense OS 3.0™ Senses your surroundings and Automaticlly adjusts the hearing aids every step of your way. 

MARVEL™ connects to Bluetooth devices for handsfree cell phone use and incredible sound quality while streaming your audio devices.


Phonak hearing aids are available in All models. Micro Behind-the-ear through tiny Completely-in-the-canal. Options include Rechargeable Batteries and Stream your music, audio, and cell phone calls directly to your hearing aids. Wireless connection to your television available.


Phonak MARVEL™ is available in 4 Technology Levels and many Popular Colors offering a variety of options to suit your Lifestyle, Hearing Loss, and Budget.

  • Marvel 90, Premium technology. WindBlock, Speech in 360, EchoBlock, SoundRelax, NoiseBlock, Speech in 360, Whistle Block, 20 Channels, 9 Sound Classes, t-coil, 3 year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Marvel 70, Advanced technology. WindBlock, Speech in 360, SoundRelax, NoiseBlock, Speech in 360, WhistleBlock, 16 Channels, 6 Sound Classes, t-coil, 3 year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Marvel 50, Standard technology. NoiseBlock, WhistleBlock, 12 Channels, 5 Sound Classes, t-coil, 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Marvel 30, Essential technology. NoiseBlock, WhistleBlock, 8 Channels, 4 Sound Classes, t-coil,1 year Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Hearing Exam, Hearing Aid Fitting, Auditory Rehabilitation, Adjustments, and Cleanings included for the 1st Year
  • 2 Year to Lifetime Service Agreements Available
  • Local Professional Service from an Audiologist with 28 Years Industry Experience (worked for 3 Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers).
  • 45 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Rechargeable or Disposable Batteries

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.... Find a Lower Price on a comparable model....We'll Match It!  Call 908-722-4022 Today.

Discounts available on all Phonak hearing aids in our Store. You may Choose your Technology Online based on your Budget or Call our Office for an appointment to Enjoy these Savings. We will provide you with a Free Consultation. Phonak requires an Office Visit and a Face-to-Face hearing aid fitting. You may purchase these hearing aids Online for a tremendous Discount but it is required to Pick Up in our Store.  

We offer you this service for a Stress Free Experience when buying your new Hearing Aid. No Surprises and No Hidden Fees. The Latest Technology at a Tremendous Savings ... Direct to You!

Order your Technology Today! At your Appointment, we will discuss the appropriate model and color to Best fit your Needs and your Lifestyle. DON'T KNOW WHICH TECHNOLOGY?  Call us at 908-722-4022 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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