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A nearby Warren Audiologist offering Discount Hearing Aids & Hearing Amplifiers for Everyone's Budget.

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

How do you find an Affordable hearing aid in Warren? Finally, an Audiologist that offers hearing aids and hearing amplifiers for everyone's budget. Dr. Mike's Hearing Express is owned by a local Audiologist providing low cost hearing aids in his local Branchburg, NJ location. Pricing comparable to online venders and big box stores. Local fitting, service, and discount prices without you having to go online or a warehouse for your new hearing aid.

How does Dr. Mike's Hearing offer these low prices on Hearing Aids? At Dr. Mike's, we sell you the hearing aid separate from the service offering you substantial savings on those high price hearing aids. Most hearing centers bundle the cost of the hearing aids with a service plan. Usually this allows free service for the lifetime of the hearing aid. In a professionals business, time is money. Service on hearing aids can be expensive and it can drive the the initial cost of hearing aids upwards to $5,000- $7,000 per pair.

We let you choose how much service you wish to pay when you purchase the hearing aid. 45-Day, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, and Lifetime Service plans available. You pick the price of the hearing aid depending on the service plan you choose. This allows people to save thousands off the same hearing aid. We will Assist you in picking the proper technology that meets your needs and assist you on picking the appropriate service plan for your new hearing aids. Once your service plan expires, you can renew a plan or pay per visit as needed.  

Low hearing aid prices are available from online companies. However, when you purchase hearing aids online, you need to send the hearing aids back to the online company for re-programming, problems, and repairs. They may also send you to a service center near your home which may limit you to a certain number of visits or may charge extra since you did not purchase the hearing aids from their office.

Before you buy a new hearing aid, talk with us at Dr. Mike's Hearing. Dr. Mike worked for 3 of the leading hearing aid manufacturers and has been an Audiologist for 27 years.

For pricing and more information, visit Call us today at (908) 722-4022 for a free hearing consultation.

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