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Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive? | Discounted Major Brand Hearing Aids

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

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So why are hearing aids so expensive?

  1. Digital technology, especially in hearing aids, is simply incredible. Hearing aids are tiny microprocessors that have sophisticated technology and are continuously being developed with newer technology every couple of years. Technology costs money, our cell phone cost is a good example.
  2. The professional dispensing the product to you also costs money. Hearing aid dispensing professionals usually get a commission when they sell you a hearing aid. In larger corporate owned stores, there can be incentives to sell high end hearing aids to increase company profits. These large corporate owned stores or franchises have too many hands in the mix (hearing aid dispensers, regional managers, district managers, corporate officers) and can drive the hearing aid costs higher. 
  3. Overhead of operating a business adds to the hearing aid costs. The larger the business, the more it costs to operate. The amount of staff and the expenses to maintain a large business increases the cost of hearing aids.
  4. Long term Free Service drives the costs up even higher on hearing aids. Some offices may offer Free follow-up service for the life of the hearing aid or Free batteries. You are paying for this free service.

How Can You Provide Us with Low Cost Hearing Aids?

At Dr. Mike's Hearing Express we have very low overhead to operate our business. We purchase our hearing aids at a Lower Wholesale Cost, we use No Middle Men and we don't charge you for long term hearing aid service contracts

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