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Who is the Best Hearing Aid Manufacturer?

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

There are Six Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers in the World. These six hearing aid manufacturers also own smaller companies and they control most of the market share on hearing aids worldwide. These hearing aid manufacturers include Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Signia, Resound, and Starkey. As I am writing this article, Widex and Signia merged companies and will be using the name WS Audiology. This will place them as the third largest hearing aid manufacturer behind Phonak and Oticon.

So Who is the Best Hearing Aid Manufacturer?  Lets take a look at each one.

Phonak was founded in Switzerland in 1947. Phonak has more than 70 years in hearing research and innovation creating excellence in hearing solutions. U.S. headquarters is located in Warrenville, IL and they are represented in over 100 countries. Phonak is part of a larger corporation, Sonova Group, which also operates other hearing companies. Phonak is the leader in hearing aid manufacturing.

Oticon was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife was hearing impaired. Their parent company is William Demant Holding Group. They are the second largest hearing aid manufacturer and have headquarters in Denmark. Their U.S. headquarters is located in Somerset, NJ. Oticon strives to make a more natural sounding hearing aid.

Signia is owned by Sivantos Group whose history goes back 140 years. Signia was previously owned by Siemens until it was sold in 2015. Signia was launched globally in 2016 providing the latest technological developments to a demanding hearing care market. Siemens roots date back to 1878 in Germany. Sivantos is located in Piscataway, NJ.

Widex is a Danish company founded in 1956 by Topholm & Westermann families. Widex hearing aids are sold in almost 100 countries and their world headquarters is located in Denmark. Widex digital hearing aid technology is one of the most innovative in the industry allowing people to connect and communicate easily. U.S. headquarters is located in Hauppauge, NY.

Starkey is a leading hearing aid manufacturer founded by William Austin. Mr. Austin bought Starkey Labs from Harold Starkey in 1971. They have their headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN. Starkey has award winning research and conducts business in more than 100 markets worldwide. Starkey Hearing Foundation was set up by Mr. Austin in 1984 to provide hearing aids to people who cannot afford them.

Resound is a hearing aid manufacturer and is represented in more than 80 countries. World headquarters is located in Denmark. while U.S. headquarters is in Bloomington, MN. Resound is part of the GN Group, a leader in intelligent audio solutions. Resound has pioneered exceptional hearing aid technology with roots that go back to 1943. Resound is also an industry leader and is committed to providing a strong focus in research and development of hearing solutions.

The Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers have been producing Hearing Aid Technology for over 100 Years.

These hearing aid manufacturers produce the most advanced technology in the world. If you choose any of these six manufacturers, you should be very satisfied with your choice. New digital technology is usually replaced every 2 years by these manufacturers. You many want to choose a manufacturer whom recently came out with their latest technology.

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