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Where to Buy Hearing Aids? | NJ Audiologist

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

When you are in need of Hearing Aids, Where do you Buy them?

I have over a quarter century experience as an Audiologist and seen many changes in the hearing aid industry including the sale of hearing aids. Hearing aids can be purchased or acquired through many facilities. Some of these include private practice, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) offices, hospitals, Veterans Affairs, hearing aid manufacturer owned stores (Hear USA, Total Hearing Care, America Hearing Center, Miracle Ear and Beltone), Costco, online retail sales, television, and magazines.

The most important factor in determining how to improve your hearing is not by asking where should I buy a hearing aid but who is the most capable professional that can help me address my hearing loss.

You should always look for an experienced hearing professional. A hearing aid is just a product, you want to find the most capable hearing professional to program it and provide the needed auditory rehabilitation.

Cost is also an important issue for most people. Most sales professionals in larger chains are trained to sell you the highest technology and most expensive hearing aids. Select a professional that give you options and fully discusses the different technology levels and prices.

Check your health insurance coverage and veterans can contact the VA health system to determine their eligibility. Usually corporate owned stores have a higher cost due to the associated expense with running a large corporation.


Online retailers are just selling you a product. You cannot get the maximum benefits from a sophisticated hearing aid without having a proper hearing aid fitting and follow-up adjustment. The fitting and follow-up should be done by an experienced Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Smaller companies or private practices have affordable prices since their overhead (costs of operating a business) is usually lower. Large chain stores usually have staffing issues and you may not see the same hearing provided. Experience in large chain stores may be difficult to find.

Buying a hearing aid is an important step to improve your hearing and communication with others. Choosing the correct hearing provider is the most important step to success. 

Hearing aids from large manufacturers can range from $1,200 to $3,200 each. If you are paying more for your hearing aid, you may want to find another provider.  

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