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Not Ready for a Hearing Aid? | Need a Little Help in Certain Situations?

Posted by Alexa V on

Do you have a Mild hearing problem?
Are you Just not Ready to invest in Hearing Aids?

Your not alone. Most people may wait up to 7 years before getting hearing aids.  There are many reasons why people prolong the inevitable. However, instead of prolonging the decision to purchase hearing aids, the least you can do for yourself is purchase a low cost quality hearing amplifier.  Get yourself acquainted with amplified sound.  The benefits are impressive. 

Using amplification to improve your hearing provides important benefits:

  1. Improves on communication and balance
  2. Hearing loss increases the risk of suffering from dementia
  3. The hearing nerve endings, which receives sounds, becomes weak causing the auditory system and the brain to be deprived of sounds.

There are many reasons people resist wearing hearing aids.  Some of these reasons include:

  1. Stigma / Cosmetics
  2. Hearing loss is too mild
  3. Cost
  4. People may feel they make them look old
  5. Some expect restored hearing and there are limitations of hearing aid performance when the auditory nerves are damaged

hearBit® is an amplifier designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.  There is no prescription needed to program this device.  It is Out-of-the-Box and Ready-to-Wear for Only $299 each.  It comes with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping.  (908) 722-4022


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