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How Much Do Phonak Hearing Aids Cost ?

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

How Much do Phonak Hearing Aids Cost in NJ?

It depends where you go and what's included. Don't overpay for a Phonak hearing aid before talking with us. You will be glad you did.

Phonak hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars per hearing aid. Phonak is one of the 6 largest manufacturers in the world and produce high quality hearing aids. Phonak sells their products wholesale to licensed audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and large big box chains. They also own their own retail stores, called Connect Hearing, and compete with their own customers to increase market share of their products. Other major manufacturers compete in the retail market this way.

PHONAK Newest Technology BELONG™ digital hearing aids include AutoSense OS,™an Automatic system to adapt to every sound automatically. Sound around us constantly changes and makes listening a real challenge. AutoSense OS™ senses your surroundings and adjusts the hearing aids every step of your way analyzing sounds every 0.4 seconds. It then blends them to create over 200 distinct settings to precisely match the sounds in your environment.

Belong 30 Price: $1,200 each

Belong 50 Price: $1,500 each

Belong 70 Price: $1,900 each

Belong 90 Price: $2,300 each

How do you get the lowest price on Phonak hearing aids? Visit Dr. Mike's Hearing in Branchburg, NJ. Visit our website for pricing or call us for an appointment Today at 908-722-4022.

What do you get at Dr. Mike's Hearing? The lowest price on all major manufacturer's hearing aids. We will match all competitors prices on Phonak hearing aids. We offer an Audiologist fitting and follow-up with a comfortable and professional environment. Buy your new hearing aids at Dr. Mike's without going to a warehouse for a lower price. If your not satisfied with your new hearing aids, return them with our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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