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High Quality Hearing Amplifiers that are Affordable

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

Hearing amplifiers are low cost alternatives advertised almost everywhere from $10 to $500. These hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids. Hearing aids are devices programmed to your hearing prescription and can be reprogrammed as your hearing changes or if adjustments are needed.

Hearing amplifiers are designed for a mild to moderate hearing loss but are not programmed to your prescription. Costs of these amplifiers can vary due to the quality and the technology included in the device. Better amplifiers have digital processing included in the device. Another important technology feature in any hearing device is the use of directional microphones. Directional microphones are a 2 microphone system to effectively reduce background noise. This is done by allowing the microphones to focus on a frontal pick up while the noise in the rear is reduced. This creates a more comfortable listening experience, especially if the amplifier also includes noise reduction technology.

There are many amplifiers sold today using 1 microphone. This will pickup sounds equally all around you without the ability to reduce background noise.

I have tested many amplifiers and hearing aids for over 27 years and have found a high quality affordable hearing amplifier you may want to consider. It is used by those needing a little help in difficult hearing situations. It is used by those not ready to purchase a hearing aid and it is used by those that cannot afford traditional hearing aids.


hearBit®  $299 ea.

  • 100 Digital Processing
  • 2 Adaptive Directional Microphones
  • 12 Band Speech Processor
  • 10 Band Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Canceller
  • Buy one below today !


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