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Buying Hearing Aids in NJ | NJ Hearing Aids | Dr Mike's Hearing

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Dr Mike's Hearing
Dr. Mike's Hearing offers Affordable Hearing Aids at Unbelievable Prices. Price Cuts on Major Manufacturer hearing aids including Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens (Signia), Starkey, and Resound. Buy a Top Manufacturer hearing aid considerably less. Prices available at
  1. We are Locally Owned & Operated. Yes, you see the owner every time. Buy elsewhere, there are too many hands in the mix. Sales force, commissions, managers, presidents, vice presidents, marketing departments, front desk staff and the list goes on. Too many hands = Increase in hearing aid Cost to you
  2. Low Low Prices. We have low overhead, less staff, owner operated business. We also unbundle the service from our products if you prefer. This allows you to pay less upfront for the cost of the hearing aid and you pay for service as you need it. Pricing and Product information is available on our website. Take a LOOK. We offer low prices for large and small manufacturer's hearing aids, hearing amplifiers and hearing products.
  3. We are Not a Manufacturer Owned Store. The owner of Dr. Mike's Hearing is a local Audiologist from Lebanon Twp. NJ. I'm not a large corporation. Examples of Manufacturer  include HearUSA, Total Hearing Care, American Hearing, Beltone, Miracle Ear, and Connect Hearing. They offer commission incentives to their employees to sell hearing aids, especially high end technology. This level of technology usually provides a higher profit margin. There are many hands in the mix when you buy from a Manufacturer's Owned Store. At Dr. Mike's Hearing we examine your hearing needs and fit you with the technology levels that is Best for your everyday listening. We match you needs and your budget to the proper hearing aid.
  4. We are Not a Big Box Store. Similar to manufacturer owned stores. These Big Box stores include Costco, Sam's Club, and Walmart. These stores usually have staffing issues. Usually hearing professionals do not want to promote better hearing healthcare in a large warehouse. Hearing aids may be a little cheaper in price, maybe not.  Remember, you get what you pay for. Do you think John Deere sells the same tractor to a Big Box store as they do to local retail distributors? 

Hearing Aid Costs:

Major Manufacturers hearing aids:

  • Premium technology- from $2,200 each
  • Advanced technology- from $1,800 each
  • Standard technology- from $1,500 each
  • Essential technology- from $1,200 each


     Phonak       Oticon

Smaller Manufacturers hearing aids:

  • Hearing aids, Dr. Mike's private label- from $899 each
  • Amplifiers, hearBit™- $399 each

NJ hearing aids

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