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Hearing Aid Tips | Getting Used to Hearing Aids

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Are you struggling to adjust to using Bridgewater hearing aids that you recently purchased? Hearing aids are very unique.  Unlike glasses which provide an immediate correction to blurry vision, hearing aids can take some getting used to before the benefits of using them can be fully appreciated.  This period of getting used to hearing aids is known as the transition period.  It can last anywhere from a few days to a few months.  Typically the longer a person has suffered hearing loss, the longer the brain has become accustomed to lower volume of sounds. When an individual first start using hearing aids, it can be frustrating in the beginning because new sounds are heard and familiar sounds are much louder.  The change can often seem abnormal and very overstimulating. During the transition period your brain needs to reprogram itself to become used to hearing these new sounds.

Hearing Aids in Bridgewater NJ

When you first purchase a hearing aid, it can also be difficult to get in the routine of wearing them.  It is easy to wake up and put it off until later only to realize that you've gone the entire day without it. You will also need to get used to a foreign object in your ear.  It can be strange in the beginning but if you remain consistent, you will stop noticing them.  Then you will reap the benefits hearing aid usage which include improved relationships, fewer injuries and more enjoyment of life.  

Bridgewater Hearing Aids | Advice For The Transition Period 

Make sure you wear the hearing aid every day especially if you don't want to. You want to adjust to having your hearing aid in all environments and any situation that may present itself . Some environments are more difficult to adjust, but the rough situations are the most important ones to tough out.  This consistent exposure will ensure that your brain and ears re-learn how to work together in any situation life will throw at you. If you are not consistent with your hearing aids, your transition time will take much longer. 

Remain positive during the transition process. If you go at it with a positive attitude, you will get much more out of your hearing aids.  You will also learn to adjust to them quicker than if you begrudgingly wear them day after day.  Always remind yourself of the many life enhancing benefits that hearing aids provide.  Also remember that nothing is perfect and adjustments can be made if necessary.

Educate yourself about hearing loss. The more you familiarize yourself with hearing loss, the easier you can overcome it. Make sure to read articles by audiologists, testimonies by hearing patients and stay familiar with technological advancements. All these things will make your adjustment easier and faster.  

Keep your expectations reasonable.  Always remember that a hearing aid cannot cure hearing loss completely.  However, a hearing can greatly improve your hearing and can help you regain much of what has been lost.  With this in mind, make sure to maintain realistic expectations.  Your main goals should be improved conversations with friends and family as well as being able to understand people in situations that have more background noise. 

Have patience!  Just like everything else in life, learning to live with hearing aids doesn't happen over night.  It may take a little time for you to feel completely comfortable wearing hearing aids, but once you do, you will never want to stop wearing them.  You will have mastered living with hearing aids and will enjoy the many benefits that go along with them.  

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