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Who's Testing Your Hearing? | NJ Audiologists are Hearing Experts

Posted by Michael Vavrek on

Looking for a NJ Audiologist? 

Audiologists are the primary professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. Most Audiologists have a Doctorate or Master's degree in Audiology. Others may have a PhD. or ScD. degree. 

Audiologists are not sales professionals whom usually obtain a hearing aid dispensing license to fit and sell hearing aids. Most receive certifications but do not attend college. You may find these professionals in Costco, BJ's, retail and corporate owned stores. 

Audiologists are the only hearing care professionals that are recognized by your health insurance for billing purposes.  Most testing required to properly diagnose your hearing problem is covered by your insurance if it is performed by an Audiologist.

Where do you find an Audiologist?

  • Private Practice
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • ENT offices
  • Hearing aid manufacturers
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Government health centers
  • VA hospitals

Audiologists are now required to obtain a Doctorate degree to be licensed in most states.  Audiologists are trained in many specialties and have an extensive knowledge in the auditory and vestibular (balance) systems. 

The duties of an Audiologist may include:

  1. Treat all types of hearing loss and provide hearing rehabilitation
  2. Evaluate and dispense hearing aids and hearing devices
  3. Treat tinnitus or noise in the ear
  4. Evaluate and treat central auditory processing disorders.
  5. Perform hearing conservation programs
  6. Perform surgical monitoring
  7. Program and provide rehabilitation to cochlear implant patients
  8. Evaluate and diagnose vestibular (balance) disorders

Dr. Mike's Hearing has a licensed Audiologist on staff with over 27 years experience.  We are an independently owned local office located in Branchburg, NJ.  Call Today 908-722-4022.

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